About Us

Appoingo is a SaaS online scheduling and appointment booking software for small businesses. It provides companies of all types a smarter way to manage appointments, schedules, and clients in the cloud.

About the team

  • We are a team formed in Singapore who believes a small and dynamic team can make a big impact at Internet age.
  • We are a team to work for what we love and love what we work with passion.
  • We are also a team to challenge the the norm and dare to think out of box.

What else? We look after ourselves and families well, and we work hard while stay healthy. In this team, you will not find super hero, because we are all together as a team to run a great business.

This is also a very different organization. We don't have the normal and tedious corporate structure and work flow as you experienced before. People are highly valued here and given the maximum authority to run the business.