FAQ - Help

How much does appoingo cost?

As a flexible appointment scheduling software, we want you to focus on critical issues of your business. Try our services and at least you will find one package to meet your business need. Our price can start from $10 per month to a complex customized enterprise solution.  But why not free or free trial? Simply because we value you as our customers instead of letting you being partial products just like some business do.

For customers who really need an online scheduling system but can’t afford the current pricing, we will not turn your down. Drop us an email at support@appoingo.com and let us help you out! You may not have to pay a cent. Our principle is to grow our business together with our customers’.

We recommend you first try out the system with the basic package. You will not be asked for credit card details. You are even welcome to keep using our service for private and non-commercial use.

What does appoingo do?

At the core, Appointment Booking is a web-based online appointment scheduling service that enables you or your business to accept appointments online. It also allows you to manage your and/or your employee(s) schedule(s) a number of different ways. Creating an account automatically creates a landing page for your business on our website that can be found either using our geo-location powered search feature or direct link/URL. If a business currently has a website, they can simply link to their listing page via a "Book Appointment" button. Another option is to embed our booking module directly into an existing website, allowing customers to book appointments directly from the service providers website. With basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, marketing features, and more, appoingo will help make life easier for both you and your customers.

How do I start using appoingo?

To begin, Click HERE to register a business account for free. From a single business account you can manage multiple employees/resources and a basic account acts as the core for every type of account. Feel free to set up an account, poke around, and contact us if you have any questions.

If this is my first time to use your service, how will I get my login information after I book one appointment?

The login name is your email address to book the appointment, and you will find the password in your inbox. This password is created automatically by our system upon submission of your appointment request. You can login with your email address and the password received in your email in the future to view and track all of appointments.

Can anyone see my calendar or appointment details online?

No. All appointment information is kept secure and only you will have access to detailed appointment information. Individuals making an appointment with you will simply be able to view available openings calculated from your free and busy time, to book an appointment within your schedule when it is most convenient.

How does appoingo compare to the other scheduling software?

Appoingo is a scalable solution originally designed for enterprise use. It has most of popular features that most scheduling softwares offer. It also has e-commerce and some other additional functions to fully design for local businesses. With these, we believe appoingo can add more values to your business.

How do you keep my data secure ?

Data security is very important to us. Only authorized users, who you provide login access to, have access to appointment details, client information, and all other sensitive business data.

If I have more questions, how do I reach you?

Simple and just drop us an email at support@appoingo.com.